Accommodation in a host family

Anyone wanting to establish ties to the local people quickly will certainly feel comfortable in a host family. You will be able to use your newly acquired language skills in everyday situations and many of the questions which arise during a stay in a foreign country can be answered in your communication with your host family.

Our host families are within easy reach of public transport und offer two alternatives for your meals: half board and full board.

If you choose half board, your host family will provide with you with breakfast and dinner every day. In addition, on the weekends you will receive lunch.

If you choose full board, your host family will provide you with breakfast and dinner every day. From Monday to Friday you will be able to have lunch in a restaurant which is a five-minute walk from the SIT. On the weekend your host family will give you lunch

Bed linen will be provided by the host family. Some host families will also provide towels. Please just ask about this when you get in touch with your host family.

By the way: All young adults under the age of 18 will be placed with host families.


The costs and further information can be found here: Dates and prices