Integration courses

If you would like to live in Germany, you should learn German. This is important if you are looking for a job, have to fill out applications forms, wish to help your children with their school work or would like to meet new people. Apart from this, you should know a few things about Germany, for example about its history, culture and the legal system. You will be able to learn all of this in an integration course, and it is with these goals in mind that we provide integration courses for the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees.


At the SIT, we offer regular integration courses, some of which include alphabetization.


Each integration course consists of a language and an orientation course and as a rule comprises 700 hours. The language course deals with important subjects in everyday life (job, living, health…). Preparation for the final test of the integration course (German test for immigrants, DTZ) will also be provided. After passing this test you will be able to receive a certificate indicating that your language level is A2 or B1. The orientation course will provide you with important knowledge about Germany (law, history, culture). This knowledge will also be tested at the end of the course in the “Life in Germany” test.


In order to attend an integration course, you will require either a certificate of eligibility or you may be required to attend such a course by the authorities in charge. For further information, including the requirements for attending these courses, please go to the official website of the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees.